Wood Replacement

Your wood structures are at high risk!  Rot, weathering, termites – it faces it all.  Over time, that wood will weaken and ultimately fail.  When that occurs, the only answer is replacing it.  Fortunately, Veteran’s Roofing, in conjunction with our partner Viking Painting, offers superior wood replacement services.

Whether it is your deck, fascia, soffit, trim or even your fence, our highly-skilled specialists will remove that damaged wood and replace it with fresh, new wood, quickly and professionally.

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Causes of Wood Damage

Many things can cause damage to your wood structures.  Some are preventable, others are not. 

Sun.  The sun’s UV rays damage wood over time, making it dry and brittle enough to split and crack.  Keeping a fresh coat of paint or stain on your wood surfaces will reduce this damage and lengthen the lifespan of the wood itself.

Weather.  In addition to the sun, other weather conditions can also cause damage.  Freezing temperatures cause the wood to expand and contract.  Rain, snow, and sleet all pummel that wood with damaging moisture.  Over time, this will cause the wood to not only age, but to crack and split.  Keeping a fresh coat of protection on your deck or fence can reduce the damage by keeping moisture out of the wood. 

Moisture.  Not all moisture is weather-related.  Perhaps your gutter system isn’t doing its job.  Rain or snow is running off your roof and causing rot on your fascia or soffits.  Another example could be a leak under your floor or deck.  These are preventable issues.  The constant presence of moisture will lead to wood rot.  The answer is to find and repair the area.  Nothing else will address the problem.

Insects.  Primarily termites and some ant species, these insects eat and burrow into your wood structures. To reduce the risk, your wood can be treated with chemicals, then painted or stained. Once established, a termite infestation requires fumigation to eliminate the problem entirely.  Insects in your exterior wood can quickly move into your interior substructure and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

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Invisible Repairs

It doesn’t take a professional to slap up a piece of wood and call it good.  If you want the job done properly, you need to call Veteran’s Roofing.  Our trained craftsmen carefully remove only the damaged area(s).  We inspect for unseen, underlying damage and advise you if we find additional concerns like termite infestation.

Once the underlying area is fully prepared and any underlying problems addressed, replacement pieces are carefully measured and installed into the damaged area.

We finish the task by painting or staining the entire area to match, ensuring an invisible repair job.

We know you want your home to look its best.  That is why Veteran’s Roofing works so diligently to guarantee a perfect wood replacement.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 404-407-5000 and speak to one of our wood replacement specialists.