What To Do With A Storm-Damaged Roof?

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If you are a property owner, one of your first priorities after a storm should be to inspect your roof for damage. There may be no obvious signs of water damage inside the property, but the roof may still be at risk. While it may be tempting, we advise property owners to avoid going up on the roof. Checking for roof damage is best done from the ground. Before resorting to the use of a ladder, try using binoculars to get a better look.

Generally speaking, rain alone is not enough to compromise a well-built roof. Wind, flying debris, and hail can lead to severe damage. Cracks in the roof can be visible in some cases. You should still take your time and look carefully as you evaluate the current state of affairs. It can be difficult to recognize some symptoms. For roof damage repairs and much more, those in Roswell, GA can call Veteran’s Roofing at 404-407-5000!

False Roofing

If the wind speed is over 60 mph, shingles that are already damaged from cracking or peeling are in danger of being blown off the roof. Although roofing manufacturers typically include coverage for high winds in their warranties, these figures typically apply only to brand-new and well-maintained roofs.

Indications of Granule Loss

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Even with a brand-new roof, granule loss is normal. Granule loss is typically seen in horizontal lines after a storm. As you can see, this is the spot where the shingle seal was compromised. Shingles lose their granules when they rub against something and flap in the wind.

Water seeping is visible

Wind damage is usually the root cause of roof leaks that are visible to the naked eye. When this happens, water can easily seep through the shingles and into the attic or upper rooms of the building.

Scatterings of Junk

Yard waste, outdoor furniture, and other stray items could be an indication that something struck your roof during the storm. Reduce danger by clearing away debris as soon as possible, and evaluate the situation based on the patterns of broken shingles.

For roof damage repairs and much more, those in Roswell, GA can call Veteran’s Roofing at 404-407-5000!