With being a homeowner, your roof represents a huge investment for you.  Protecting that roof is a fundamental responsibility of ownership.

When your roofing system is initially installed, you receive a warranty that covers materials and installation.  When your roof is repaired or renovated, you should receive the same thing.  The length of time the warranty is effect depends on the materials used, manufacturer, and installing roofing contractor.

Understanding that warranty can be like herding cats.  Just like your insurance policy, it can be full of exclusions, loopholes, and technical jargon.  When receiving a warranty on a new roof or roof repair, always make certain the contractor spells out the details clearly and to your personal satisfaction.

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Warranty on Materials

The materials used in your roof repair or replacement will come with their own warranty.  That warranty may last from 10 years to a lifetime, depending on type and manufacturer.  Even with a “lifetime” warranty, there are factors that come into play.

Defect.  Most material warranties specifically cover defects in the manufacture of those materials.  They do not cover improper installation, weather circumstances outside those specifically outlined, or inappropriate applications.

Inspections.  Most roofing warranties also require scheduled, routine inspections to assess the existing system for damage.  If damage is identified, remedial methods must be undertaken and documented to keep the warranty in effect.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.  This is a very common type of warranty, particular related to shingles.  It does NOT mean your shingles will last forever.  It is a prorated warranty against the presence of defective shingles, with a payout amortized over the age of the shingles.  It also precludes improper installation.

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Installation Warranty

Your installation warranty is the warranty provided by your contractor on his company’s workmanship.  It works hand in glove with your materials warranty to provide you with protection against defects.  Each contractor determines what warranty if any, they will offer their customers.

When considering a warranty, look for one that covers you, and your roof, in the most ways for the longest time possible.

Veteran’s Roofing offers a lifetime installation warranty.  You read that right.  If at any time during the course of your roof’s lifespan our installation is compromised or fails, we will correct the problem.

Only a roofing contractor with the utmost level of confidence in the craftsmanship of their team would offer such a warranty.  We do.

In fact, we go a step further and offer you a lifetime guarantee on your materials, as well as our installation.  We are confident in doing so because we work with only the highest quality materials.  When you use only the best, it is easy to stand behind it.

If you have questions about our lifetime warranty or any other matter, please call Veteran’s Roofing at 404-407-5000.  We will schedule a consultation at a time convenient for you and review, in detail, the ins and outs of our lifetime warranty and the service we provide.  We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon.