Should You Re-Roof Your Home?

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Repairing the damaged substrate, putting new underlay, and finally installing a new roof covering is what is meant by the term “re-roofing.” When you re-roof, it’s important to check for problems like rot or water damage in the rafters, walls, and ceiling. This can save you a lot of money in repairs to the building’s interior and foundation down the road. If you are based in or near Duluth, GA, look no further than Veteran’s Roofing. Get in touch with us now at 404-407-5000.

Why Consider a Re-Roof?

The decision to re-roof a building typically comes down to damage and lifespan.

Your roof is there to protect your home, family, or business. If it becomes significantly damaged from adverse weather, debris, or even time, it can no longer perform adequately and requires replacement.


When deciding whether to repair or replace a roof, building owners must weigh the costs of doing so against the roof’s expected lifespan. Only a few complete roof replacements (when the old roofing is removed and replaced with new) are typically required over the lifetime of a building.

Those with a newer roof with a little leak may consider repairs. Any rot or damage to the substrate, however, can quickly turn a small and manageable project into a much larger one. In most cases, you may avoid unpleasant surprises by consulting with a roof replacement expert. A need for numerous roof repairs throughout the years are usually an indication that it’s time to replace the entire roof. If your roof is older than 30 years, you should probably just replace it. This is because it’s likely that the roof’s useful life is coming to an end, and any attempts to patch it will likely lead to new problems.

Why Veteran’s Roofing?

We know you have choices. We believe there is no better choice than the team at Veteran’s Roofing. We offer honest, dependable, high-quality services that include not only re-roofing your home, but home repairs, siding, gutters, painting, wood protection and a wide array of other home improvement projects.

Our roofers can help you re-roof/replace/repair your roof, or even update your entire home. If you are based in the Duluth, GA area, look no further than Veteran’s Roofing. Get in touch with us now at 404-407-5000.