Shingle Repair, Alpharetta GA

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As your roof ages, several telltale signals indicate future leaks and problems are on the way. If you see any of these warning signs on your roof, it’s time to start thinking about getting it replaced or repaired. If you’re from Alpharetta GA, contact Veteran’s Roofing Company for more information at 404-407-5000 and our experts would be happy to assist you.

Signs that you need to consider shingle repair for your roof

When viewed from the ground, missing granules appear as dark patches on light shingles or as lighter areas on black or dark shingles. When you clean the gutters, you’ll notice a lot of particles. The absence of granules does not affect the roof’s waterproofing; hence leaks are unlikely if they are present. However, the grains in the shingle shield the asphalt from the sun’s ultraviolent radiation. As a result, after the shingles are removed, the roof will need to will be exposed and thus will need to be replaced sooner. Asphalt in shingles shrinks as they age, and this causes curling edges. As a result, they become fragile. They’ll start to blow away in strong winds. This can only be fixed by replacing the damaged shingles or, if the problem is widespread on your roof, by getting a new one.

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It’s important to remember that just because you see moss growing on your shingles, it doesn’t mean that your shingles are old or worn out. Often, cleaning the moss from the shingles is all that is required. The shingles, on the other hand, are harmed if growth is extensive and numerous and has been there for some time. When the moss gets below them, it will begin to lift them as well. This reduces your roof’s capacity to drain properly, which will eventually lead to leaks. As long as moss is dealt with promptly, it will have no negative impact on the roof. However, if left uncontrolled, it can harm a roof and cause it to age prematurely.

It’s a sign that the shingles have dried out, curled, and broken if they’re blown off. If you have shingles in your yard, they aren’t on your roof. Simple as that. As soon as you notice this, it’s time to replace your roof. When determining if a simple repair is needed, or if a complete roof replacement is required, consider your roof’s age. Sadly, earlier designs of asphalt shingles do not live up to the promises made in their warranties.

You should always contact experts and professionals when it comes to repairs on your roof. Call us right away if you notice any of these things happening because timely repairs can prevent hefty replacement costs in the long run. So, if you’re from Alpharetta GA, contact Veteran’s Roofing Company for more information at 404-407-5000 and make use of our state of the art services backed by years and years of industry experience.