Roofing emergency, Dawsonville, GA

Your steadfast protector is your roof. It stands strong in the face of adversity – weather, pests, and all such natural intruders – and preserves all that you’ve achieved and gained. It serves as an initial line of defense. Even the toughest roofing materials need to be repaired after a while. Roofing materials are susceptible to stress, accidental damage, and extreme weather. We have all experienced the wrath of a tremendous storm. Your roof is no exception. Trust Veteran’s Roofing to be on time and ready to work no matter the hour! For 24-hour emergency roofing repairs in Dawsonville, GA, call us at (404) 407-5000 today!

What constitutes a roofing emergency?

Many homeowners believe that a blocked gutter, broken flashing, or a small roof leak necessitates immediate roof repair. Frequently, they do not. While these scenarios are undoubtedly inconvenient, they frequently only require minor modifications to fully resolve the issue.

Damage to your roof that might be caused by a severe storm in Dawsonville, GA might include the following:

High winds might blow off metal panels or shingles, causing damage to the underlying substrate. A tree branch might fall on the roof, puncturing the roofing material and decking or a direct lightning strike might hit, resulting in severe burn marks and damage.

Until assistance arrives, take care of the following things:

In a crisis, preventing roof damage during an emergency is critical. To prevent more water damage, you may need to climb up and drape a tarp over the affected area. It’s crucial to remember, though, that climbing up during a storm is never a good idea. Shut the power to your home, put down large buckets or containers, move furniture, and call an emergency roofer from a reputable supplier if rain is pouring in. However, you should never go up on the roof. You will put your own safety in danger!

In the event of an emergency, our roofers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The roofers prioritize getting their customers to assist as quickly as possible. Call Veteran’s Roofing at 404-407-5000 for a free consultation if you live in Dawsonville, GA, and you still have concerns about the process. Our customer service professionals are ready to take your call and help you out!