Why do you need to have your residential roof inspected?  For the same reason, you have fluid levels checked in your car.  Preventative maintenance on your investment.

Your roof, like your car, represents a significant investment.  However, unlike that vehicle, the investment in your roof protects your home, belongings, and even your family.  Basically, that roof protects everything that matters most in your life.  Keeping it in peak working order is certainly an investment worth making.

That is exactly the reason we offer FREE roof inspections.

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Types of Roof Inspections to Consider

In addition to our FREE roof inspection, there are other types of inspections you should consider.

Scheduled.  Your roof should be inspected a minimum of once a year.  Wind, rain, hail, and sun all take a toll on your roofing system.  An annual inspection lets you know what issues, if any, may be developing and gives you the opportunity to address those issues before they become a large, expensive problem.

This type of inspection also supports any insurance or warranty claim you may have in the future by providing a baseline of the roof prior to the damaging event.

Weather.  After serious, significant weather events occur, it is unquestionably in your interest to have that roof inspected for potential damage.  In addition to knowing the current condition of the roof, a weather-related inspection provides you with the opportunity to file a timely insurance or warranty claim, if needed.

Emergency.  Your roof is leaking?  Obviously, you need an inspection!  Other key signals there may be a problem include the presence of mold or mildew, warping or bubbling in your ceiling/walls, rust marks inside your building (if you have a metal roof), and so forth.

Purchase. Perhaps you are considering buying a new property.  An independent roof inspection can literally save you thousands of dollars.  By knowing the exact condition of that roof, you have the opportunity to determine if the building is worth the money you’re paying, anticipate future expenses, and negotiate a lower cost or walk away, if appropriate.

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A Veteran’s Roofing Company Inspection

With Veteran’s Roofing Company, your inspection (regardless of the type) will include:

  •  An in-depth examination of all facets of the roof, from protrusions to flashings, gutters, and underlying structure.  As professionals, we will identify areas of damage or risk that may be invisible to the untrained observer.
  • A detailed written report, outlining all areas inspected, their condition, and, where appropriate, recommended solutions for correcting any deficiency.
  • Cost estimate of all recommended repairs or replacements.
  • Should an insurance claim be appropriate, you will also receive our FREE insurance claims assistance.  We will work hand-in-hand with your insurance adjuster, providing all the information necessary to support a fast approval.

Let’s schedule that inspection now!  Either complete the FREE inspection form here or call the Veteran’s Roofing Company team at 404-407-5000.  Working within your schedule, we’ll set up your inspection.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.