Gutters, on your home, maybe the unsung heroes of the structure.  Ignored by most owners, they stand vigilantly protecting the foundation, reducing risk to roofing systems, and may even contribute to landscaping.  Truly, gutters are an undervalued component of your entire property.

In fact, gutters are such a critical component, many lending institutions will not loan on a building lacking appropriate gutters!

Yet, many owners ignore their gutters, letting them fall into disrepair, become clogged with debris, or maybe even fail to have them installed.  What a shame.  That is exactly why Veteran’s Roofing has chosen to add gutters to our list of services offered.

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Importance of Gutters

Gutters offer so much more to a property than most people realize.  Having clean, working, appropriate gutters on your building addresses these areas:

  • Ice damming.  Ice damming occurs when snow or ice on part of your roof melts, while other parts, particularly near the eaves, remain frozen.  The ice literally “dams” the water from escaping.  Ice damming can lead to a breakdown in the roofing system and subsequent leaks into your home or business.  The presence of clean gutters helps reduce or eliminate this problem.
  • Foundational erosion.  Water pouring uncontrolled from the roof of your home can lead to erosion of the foundation, over time.  Simply directing that flow away from the foundation helps eliminate this from occurring. That’s what your gutters are for.
  • Roofing system.  Inadequate or non-functioning gutters can lead to issues like ponding water on your roofing system.  Water standing on your roof is a disaster waiting to happen.  It leads to roofing system breakdown and leaks.
  • Property value.  Gutters do not add value to your property, like siding for example.  However, the lack of gutters does diminish the value of your property.  Home or building inspectors will list it as a deficiency on their reports and a potential buyer may have difficulty obtaining financing on a property lacking functional gutters.
  •  Landscaping.  If you have an environmentally conscious focus, you can actually use your gutters in your landscaping by integrating the water runoff with your landscaping system.  Even if you choose not to do so, the presence of gutters can help reduce damage to your landscaping by directing water away from moisture-sensitive areas.
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Gutter Services Offered

Veteran’s Roofing Company clearly values gutters!  As a result, we offer the following residential gutter services.

  • Repair.  If your gutters are in poor condition or lacking functionality, a repair may be possible.  Calling Veteran’s Roofing for an inspection and estimate is your first step in getting those gutters working properly.
  • Replacement.  Some things simply can’t be fixed in an economic fashion.  When it is time to replace those worn-out gutters, call Veteran’s Roofing.  We are the first choice for gutter removal and replacement in the Atlanta area.
  • Installation.  No gutters at all?  That’s fine, we can do the initial installation of those valuable gutters on your home.  Veteran’s Roofing uses only the highest quality materials and combines that with our skilled installation, for a superb and long-lasting result.

Are you ready to take the next step in gutter protection?  Call your gutter experts at Veteran’s Roofing Company, 404-407-5000.  Our team will schedule a no-obligation consultation and inspect your gutter situation.  Together, we will assess your needs and determine the best course of action.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.