Exterior Painting

In your life, there are probably few things more important than your home.  Not only a sizable investment, it represents safety, protection, and family. 

Your home deserves to look its best.  Chipped or peeling paint simply does not reflect the value your home offers you.  Additionally, it undermines your property values, decreases sales potential and can even impact confidence and emotional health.

Veteran’s Roofing understands the importance your home holds, that is why we have partnered with Viking Painting.

Working together, we can now offer top to bottom services for that most valuable asset – your home.

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Why Update That Paint?

There are many reasons to have a fresh coat of paint applied to the exterior of your home.  Here are just a few to consider:

Update your style.  This is an opportunity to change the entire feel of your home.  Want to go from classic to contemporary?  Change that white house/black shutters to a sage home with cream shutters. 

Identify damage.  As part of the painting process, it is common to identify unknown damage such as mold, wood rot or even insect infestation.  Once identified, steps can be taken to correct the problem before it expands.

Increase protection.  Your paint protects your structure from weather damage, environmental contaminants and even UV rays.  Fresh paint protects better.

Prevent Stains/Peeling.  Over time, any exterior paint will become dirty or begin to peel.  Protect that layer with a fresh new covering to seal in the protection.

Waterproofing.  Paint helps keep moisture out of your underlying wood or siding.  Moisture leads to rot and decay.  Protect siding, trim, fascia, and other areas with a fresh coat of paint.

Increased value.  Studies have shown that a fresh exterior paint project will increase the value and curb appeal of your home.  This can make it sell faster and for a higher price.

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Why Veteran’s?

You have known and trusted Veteran’s for decades for your roofing needs.  Now with our new partnership with Viking Painting, you can expect the same professional workmanship, quality materials and unparalleled customer service with your exterior painting projects.

As a team, we focus on community support, family values and good old-fashioned integrity.  It isn’t an accident that we have chosen to join forces.

To schedule a consultation for your exterior painting project, please call our offices today at 404-407-5000 and speak with one of our painting specialists.