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Heavy rains can do severe damage to your roof during the spring season. If you roof shingles blow off and you roof leaks, you must act quickly to prevent water damage from spreading throughout your home. We’ve all been caught in the middle of a massive storm. Your roof is no different. For 24 hour emergency roofing repairs in Alpharetta, GA, trust Veteran’s Roofing Company to be on time and ready to work, no matter the hour. Please call us at 404-407-5000 if you have any questions. You’ll know who to call after the next major storm if you create a relationship with our roofers who are always ready to provide emergency services. Let’s take a closer look at some crucial guidelines to follow in the event of a roof leak emergency.

What to do during an emergency roof leak?

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When you discover that your roof is hit by an emergency leak, the first thing you should do is try to limit the amount of water damage that occurs on the inside of your home. You can collect the leaking water with buckets or other receptacles once you’ve determined where it’s leaking.

You may be able to determine the source of the leak depending on the amount and kind of roof damage because your safety is paramount. Do not attempt to try and locate a leak in a roof that has sustained significant structural damage. It is always best to leave these matters in the hands of experts who have years of experience in leak detection and then taking the required measures in order to prevent the damage from increasing.

However, in some circumstances, you may wish to try to contain the leak while you wait for roof repair services. A home tarp might be used to cover the damaged roof part temporarily. Place hefty planks around the perimeter of the tarp to fasten it to the surface of your roof. When your roofers arrive, they’ll be able to remove the tarp and begin fixing the damaged area of your roof.

Roofers at Veteran’s Roofing Company are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of an emergency. We focus and ensure that our clients get the help they need immediately. If you live in Alpharetta, GA, and you still have questions regarding the process, call us at 4044075000 for a free consultation. Our customer service representatives are looking forward to assisting you!