Decks and Fences

With the beautiful Georgia weather, a deck on your home and a fence around your property are wonderful additions.  They extend your living space, provide additional room for entertaining friends and family and even add value to your home and property.

Most decks and many fences are made of wood or a comparable material.  Well done, a wood deck or fence is beautiful.  However, if the wood isn’t maintained or if the finish is allowed to chip or flake, that beautiful deck and privacy providing fence are now eyesores and can actually detract from your home’s value.

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Deck & Fence Challenges

Your beautiful wood deck/fence faces several significant challenges, the most damaging of which are moisture and insect infestation.

Moisture leads to rot.  In an area like Georgia, our occasional below freezing temperatures can also cause the wood to expand and contract.  This fluctuation, particularly if it includes the presence of moisture, will cause the wood to split and crack.

Insects, primarily termites and some ant species love wood!  Unfortunately, their buffet is highly damaging and will lead not only to unsightly damage, they can lead to structure failure and collapse if untreated.  Additionally, an insect infestation in your wood deck can lead them into your attached home and allow the colony to spread.

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Deck & Fence Protection

Veteran’s Roofing, in conjunction with partnering Viking Painting, is here to help you with your deck and fence maintenance concerns.

First, a layer of protection over that wood is key.  There are 2 options to consider, staining and painting.

Staining.  Applying a waterproofing stain to your wood deck or fence is a fantastic way to protect it.  A stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain and keeps an open, natural feel to your outdoor space.

Stain reduces the amount of moisture the wood can absorb, which eliminates the risk of rot development and minimizes the potential for splitting or cracking.

Stain also reduces the risk of insect infestation by placing a layer of protection between the wood and those hungry little mouths.

Painting.  Painting your deck or fence offers the same types of protection as staining it does.  The biggest difference is aesthetic.

Some people prefer their deck/outdoor space to coordinate with their home.  Whether utilizing the same color or a complimentary one, painting your deck and fence brings your property together in a unifying, cohesive fashion.

Whether painting or staining, upkeep is paramount to maintain the level of protection.

If neither has been done or maintained, and you are now at a point of wood damage, we are still here.  Unlike many other contractors, Veteran’s Roofing also offers a wood replacement service. 

Your damaged area will be removed.  The adjacent areas are fully inspected for any additional damage, which is repaired.  A replacement section is carefully measured and skillfully put into place.  Finally, the entire deck is stained or painted to leave a repair that is invisible to the naked eye.

For more information on our deck services or to schedule a consultation, please call our deck specialists at 404-407-5000.